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Born in San Francisco, Trena spent her early life in the Bay Area. In 1995, Trena and her husband, Bishop Rufus K Turner, M.Div, moved to the central valley and planted a ministry in Stockton, Victory In Praise Church (VIP). The ministry began with two families and now serves 700+ members. Victory In Praise, a non-denominational congregation, has an unwavering focus on service to the community and rebuilding broken lives.


Pastor Trena, is a Summa Cum Laude (2006) graduate from American Intercontinental University with, B.S. in Management and Organizational Behavior. She has been blessed to speak at conferences and seminars in many varied venues and works with leadership teams to advance team goals and fortify individual skills.

Meet Trena 

After spending 25 years in telecommunications, Lady Trena accepted a second career as Executive Director for a social justice organization - Faith in the Valley (FIV). Faith in the Valley is a multi-racial, multi-faith organization that operates in five Central Valley counties.


Because of her experience and proven success in building leadership teams, Trena sits on the Wisdom Council for a National social justice organization, Faith In Action, in Washington, DC.


In 2020, Pastor Trena was, sworn in as one of 14 Commissioners for the California Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission.


Pastor Trena stands in awe of God and the miraculous ways that He continues to use her, all for His glory and honor. In 2022, her first book, “Sleeping With The Bishop” was published through MindStir Media, and as an author, has already had the opportunity to help others through its messages. Plain speech and direct communication - in love, are still her superpowers.

Executive Coaching Services


Initial Consultation

Having successfully led in fortune 500 companies, small business start ups, and in non-profit organizations, I hold a great wealth of information and expertise. My clients experience growth, promotion, self discovery and satisfaction. Contact me for a free 30 minute consultation to determine if my services will also benefit you.


Recurring Sessions

As an Executive Coach, I’m passionate about helping others gain confidence in their work plans and make necessary adjustments, where needed.  I work hard on developing a personal, open and transparent relationship with my clients, and what they say about my services is incredibly important to me. Read the testimonials below to get an idea of the experiences that past clients have had with my services, and get in touch with me today.

Pastor Trena is the epitome of grace, strength and love.  Every time I'm in her presence, physical or virtual, I feel so much peace and joy.  She is a trailblazer.   A force.  Her heart for people, her grace and her courage are evident in everything that she does.  She is a great facilitator and not just because of how she delivers knowledge but her patience and commitment to making sure the learner receives it.  And not just receive it her way but in a way that benefits them.  I admire her leadership and would follow her wherever, whenever!   She's a force and unapologetic about that fact.

Simply put…there is nothing this woman cannot do!  Social justice advocate, corporate mentor and strategist, inspired leader and coach, motivational speaker and spiritual guide…this woman embodies it all.  I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Trena for close to two decades.  She possesses a keen business mind and is driven towards performance improvement, at every turn.  A creative problem-solver, Trena is guaranteed to bring her absolute best to every setting.

- Carida Johnson

Pastor Trena has been an inspiration and a role model to everyone at Faith In the Valley.

She turned what was a great idea into a reality. Her leadership integrated 5 separate and totally independent organizations into a regional powerhouse that gives voice to the poor and marginalized communities of California’s central valley. She has modeled dedication and leadership over the last 5 years.


I wish Pastor Trena all the best in her future endeavors and I know that she will use her managerial skills and exemplary leadership to make another worthy concept into a successful reality.

Rare is the leader who takes good care of her people while also meeting goals and deadlines. Trena Turner is that kind of leader.  She is fearless in entering necessary conflict, joyful in times of celebration, and persevering in the present task, no matter how large. She applies herself to learning and growing and asks for explanations until she is satisfied she understands the matter at hand. She is a keen observer of both facts and people. She is gracious in her words, praises others readily, and speaks the truth. It was a personal and professional pleasure serving with her on the 2020 California Citizens Redistricting Commission and all Californians stand in benefit from her service and leadership there.

- Rev. Russell Yee, PhD

- Pastor Henry Phillips

- Nicole Barnes, MBA, DIV


Sleeping With The Bishop is an insightful and occasionally comical look at the behind-the-scenes life of a Bishop's wife. Warm, humorous, thought-provoking, and yet power-packed with encouragement and counsel, this collection of memoirs is sure to bring insight and understanding to the struggle and challenges that wives of clergy face. Sleeping With The Bishop will provide understanding, guidance, and a fresh perspective to those on the outside of ministry and to those that have been called to this same walk.

See what people are saying about Sleeping With The Bishop:

- "This book it is soooooo powerful & GODLY ordained. I advise anyone who can to order your own personal copy." Patricia, Las Vegas, NV

- "This book was informative, entertaining and most of all kept it. I it and would highly recommend it to book clubs, and anyone who loves a good book... There’s something in it for everyone." Shelly, Tracy, CA 

- "I loved your book. I laughed cried and prayed that God continues to use you." Joy, Phoenix, AZ

- " heart is so full this book is excellent my words are not good enough to describe this book but it has touched every Area in my life it has taught me that my feelings are valid..." Josephine, Stockton, CA

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